What is Upick?

UPick is a new way to buy assorted fish designed by Goldfish Island to make your buying experience more seamless.

Note: UPick is different with regular assorted fish order. Regular assorted fish or will be picked by seller (us).

Why are our customers enjoy the program so much?

  • Swimming video of the actual fishes they are getting.
  • Hassle-free switching.
  • Fast and Easy process.
  • No video call needed.


Choose a perfect goldfish from our huge collection.


  • Choose the color and quantity of how many fishes for that color to Add To Cart
  • You can have a mix of multiple breeds and colors in an order, or any other fishes or product in an order with no problem.
  • Gender is unspecified as the fish is too young.


  • At Checkout page, we will ask for the fish preferences that you want. You can provide characteristics such as having a cute face, growing wen, etc. Some descriptive words.
  • Complete the checkout and receive your order number.


  • Within 3-48 hours. We will send a swim video of the actual fishes those you will receive. The video will be sent via email, and the fish will be numbered accordingly for selection.
  • You can let us know if you approve or change any fish in the video. We won't ship the fish until we have your confirmation.
  • Changing is hassle free and easy via our Live Chat tool that you can chat directly to the UPick staff.
  • Please note that we try our best to pick for you based on the preferences you provide. Please try your best to cooperate with our staff for a great experience.
If you want to see more options

If you do want to change any fish in the video, please specify the number associated with the fish and we will choose another one base on your preferences. Please contact our Customer Service team via our Live Chat Support for assistance.

If there is none that you like

In the worst case that none of the fish we sent satisfy you, we will issue a full refund.


  • After finishing the previous step of fish selection, your fishes will be picked out. Your order will be at Picked status which means they are ready to depart. Otherwise, it will be in Waiting status if we are still waiting for your confirmation.
  • At this step, you are all set and wait for your fishes to arrive. You can check for their arrival day via Track Order button on the Menu or in Your Orders History.
  • You do receive email confirmations and sms notifications through out the process.