Goldfish Water Care ComboMix


SAVE BIG on purchasing a pre-selected medication and food for quarantine new fishes recommended by Goldfish Island.

What is Goldfish Water Care ComboMix?

The most important and biggest beginner mistake is underestimating water quality. There are many factors that can cause your fish unhappy, stress or start to have diseases. It is important that you should do the water test every period of time, and we recommend to do it weekly. In this combomix, we have everything you need to test, to dechlorinated for tap water and help your fish relax.

Chem Products

  1. SeaChem Prime Water Conditioner 8.5 Fl Oz
  2. API Stress Coat 4 FI Oz
  3. Akaline Buffer (lower) 2.5 Oz
  4. Akaline Buffer (raise) 2.5 Oz
  5. API PH Test Kit

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