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It is joyful to watch the juvenile goldfish growing. Let's get started with this Family Pack.

What is Family Pack?

Family Pack is a pack of goldfish hand-picked by Goldfish Island staff and grouped by size, color pattern or a specific attribute.

  • The pack is sold as-is. You are not allowed to change or swapped out the fish in the pack.
  • They are all healthy, disease-free and health checked before shipping out.
  • Family Pack is ideal for new fish keeper or those who enjoy growing goldfish. The fish is classified as our Starter Collection level.
  • Note, if you like to pick your own goldfish, please consider to do UPICK. The main difference is that you can pick the exact fish with UPick, you could not do this with the Family Pack.
Selecting Pack Tips
  1. Understand how many fishes your tank could handle. The basic rule of thumb, at least 10 to 15 gallon of water per one goldfish from 3-3.5". The more space, the faster they grow. (This is just the basic rule, there is other factor for the fish to stay healthy like filter, water quality, etc.)
  2. Select a pack by similarity. You can pick a family of fishes with the same color pattern such as a pack of calico color, a pack of lemon head. Most of the pack has the same breed and size by default.
  3. Combination of packs. Combining multiple packs would gain the best saving deal for you. For example, you can order 2 packs. A pack of calico ranchu and a pack of black ranchu. Or you can have 2 packs of different breeds as well.
  4. Combination of Pack & Upick. You can order a pack, and 2 separated ones from Upick so you can pick the exact one. Please note the difference of Upick and pack. You can pick your own fish with upick while pack is already-picked for you.
Gender Specification

Gender usually is undefined at the Juvenile stage of goldfish. We are not confident to declare the gender at this age. If you wish to find a fish by gender, we suggest to buy the fish 4" and up. Most of our individually listed goldfish has confirmed gender on their listing.


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details information

We provide the swim video of the fishes to help our buyer to see the exact fishes before placing the order. These will be the fishes those you will receive.

A Pack of 4 Fish

purchase information

  • Our responsibility is to provide to the buyer the current condition of the fish, in a very high detail with clear photos and swim video. As a buyer, you should carefully read the listing, view the photos and video before placing your order. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need more information.
  • We always try our best to disclose the latest condition of the fish and check for their health before the shipment.
  • We always here to help before, during and after the delivery of the fish. We put our customer's satisfaction on top of everything.

Purchase Information & Policy

Live Arrival Guarantee
We are proud to have the best customer policy to serve you with for shipping Livestock.

Live Arrival Guarantee

It is important for us to be the trusted pet store with this Policy, we guarantee that the fish will be alive when you receive it. In the rare case of Dead on Arrival (DOA), please follow our DOA claim steps.
  1. Keep the fish in the original unopened / untied / uncut bag (DO NOT OPEN).
  2. Required to take a clear photo and 10 seconds video of the bag with the fish in it within 2 hours after arrival (Timestamp checked by shipping carrier tracking).
  3. Place the bag into the foam box, make a 10 second video of the bag inside our shipping box.
  4. Send both Photo and Video to our Customer Service by click File a Claim on the home page (Login required). Or, you can also send these attachments to our Live Chat, Email ( as the official way to claim a DOA case.
Failure to do the steps above will violate this policy. You can chat with us on the Live Chat button below if there is DOA, we will help you to claim correctly.

DOA Shipping Cost

Goldfish Island will take care of the shipping lost in the case of the entire shipment DOA for the customer. Shipping cost that used to delivery the fishes is charged by Shipping Service provider such as FedEx, UPS.
  • In the rare case of DOA for the entire shipment (all fishes in the shipment were dead or lost), a full refund of shipping will be considered.
  • In the partial DOA case (there is other fish still alive), the shipping refund is not considered. This generous policy make us stands apart from the rest of the industry.
7 Days Alive Guarantee
More than just Live Arrival Guarantee, we also offer 7 days post-arrival stay alive guarantee. The 7 days starts follow the arrival date and time on your shipping tracking info.

7 Days Stay Alive Guarantee

We are confident with our fishes to provide this policy which not many goldfish company/vendor/seller do. Within the 7 days after the arrival time (from the tracking of the shipment), your fish is guaranteed to stay alive. Please contact us if there is any issue during the guaranteed time. In the rare case of problem that caused by the fish or prior to the shipment, we will issue a full store credit of the amount you paid for the fish (shipping cost is not refundable or creditable)


Why do we confident with this Guarantee?

We perform 5 layers of health checks with swim video of each fish to make sure any fish we ship out is healthy, and you can also see the video on the listing.
  • Health check 1: When we pick them out for photos and video
  • Health check 2: Daily routine checkup before release
  • Health check 3: After you bought the fish, when we processing the fish to pre-shipping tank
  • Health check 4: Daily routine checkup before shipping out
  • Health check 5: Right at the day of departure, when we start packaging the fish.

Applicable for the following shipping options

  • FedEx Overnight (Live Arrival and 7 Days Alive Guarantee)
  • UPS Next Day Air (Live Arrival and 7 Days Alive Guarantee)
Any other shipping options those are not listed above do not have 7 Days Stay Alive Guarantee. If you really love your fish, the faster shipping you choose, the better for the fish health condition post-arrival.

File a claim

In the rare case of disease, stress, or any reason that the fish is not normal per your observant, please contact our Live Chat support with detail information, photos and video. You can go to our home page and click Fish Care Help In the rare case of the fish passed away within 7 Days, please click File a claim on our home page or follow the steps below to claim:
  1. Contact us, the easiest way to Login to your account, go to home page and click File a claim then follow our instructions.
  2. Required to take clear photo and 10 seconds video of the dead fish. You can place it on a paper-towel, nylon bag, avoid leaving the body in the tank/water.
  3. Required to take a clear photo of the water parameters test result, from the tank where the fish lives (Note here, we never use this info to pick on you. The goal here is for us to help you to identify the problem and to prevent the future fish from being suffered). We want to do a longer business with you, we can help you to make sure your tank is running correctly as well. Sample photo of water test result that you should follow. Photo credited to
  4. Send all information above including tank, water info, before dead condition, Photo and Video to our Customer Service by click File a Claim on the home page (Login required). Or, you can also send these attachments to our Live Chat, Email ( as the official way to claim a DOA case. Our people are always here to help you including Customer Service team and Fish Care team.
Failure to do the steps above will violate this policy. You can chat with us on the Live Chat button below if there is DOA, we will help you to claim correctly.  
Purchase, Hold & Return Policy

Purchasing Live Fish

When it comes to online pets, we make sure that we could deliver to our buyer the most accurate description and visual media of the fish that they will actually get. Goldfish Island is proud to be one of the company that has the listing in a very high details includes the following below:
    • High definition photos
    • Minimum of 30 seconds swim video
    • Full description of the fish
    • Gender (Gender checking is not 100% guarantee, especially for small fish under 4.5 inches. The younger fish, the harder to identify correct gender.)
    • Size (Head to tip/end-point of the tail) - the allowance of measure is up-to 0.5 inch. There is a photo of the fish and the ruler to display the most accurate measurement.
    • Breed
    • Color
    • Attributes (Grade, uniqueness, rareness, etc.)
    • The last Health check date
    • Currently living environment water parameter
    • Additional Disclaimer (if there is anything the buyer would need to know such as deformity)
We will only ship the fish out in its good form described on our website. Any injured or disease will be noted to the buyer. Pricing on our social media and on this website is fixed. We intend to always give our customers the best deals via membership benefits. We take on the hard part and the risks of collecting, importing, quarantining them from a different continent to you and deliver in good form with guarantee.

Canceled Order

There is a 15% restocking fee applied for the cancellation of the order regardless of the reason. The restocking fee will cover some non-refundable fee from third-party companies when placing the order such as credit care payment processing fee, live fish processing fee and others. We highly suggest you to consider a firm decision on a fish to avoid cancellation of an order or a fish. Canceled order must be done prior to the ship day at least 48 hours. Any cancellation at the last minutes (within 48 hours before departure) will be charged 20% restocking fee. The restocking fee will be calculated based on the total of your payment that includes the shipping. If you want to cancel an order, please contact us ASAP via our Live Chat support or email to notify us. Please provide the order number that you would like to cancel. Any cancelation after the shipment has been shipped won’t be considered for any refund.

Refund / Return

A refund will be issued after the customer service has made that as a solution to resolve an issue. There are different ways of conditionally refund follow our Guarantee Policy of Live Arrival, Stay Alive and Shipping Policy. We always try our best to provide great customer service, buying experiences, and satisfying our customers. Please contact us if you need help or have question before you intend to perform any action regarding your Goldfish Island order.
    • A refund will be processed if your order or canceled order meets the condition above. No refunds will be issued on fish those are shipped out unless in case the fishes arrive dead (Check Live Arrival Guarantee).
    • Store Credit is also be considered as an alternative offer for refund. We will solve case by case if there is an issue with your order.
    • Unopened dry foods or fish care products will be accepted for a full refund within 30 days.
    • Failure to follow any section above will be considered as violating our policy and considered for no refund.
Return is not accepted. Because of the complex procedures involved in properly packaging and shipping aquatic life, we cannot accept the return of any aquatic life. Please make your selections carefully. We do not allow any return shipment or return request. Return is not applicable for live animals in general. We seek to resolve the issue with you in a different form follow our customer protection policy.

Hold an order

  • Holding requests only applied to Paid Order(s)
  • Holding time is TWO weeks Maximum [ Once your order status is in PICKED ] -regardless of any reasons.
  • With some special occasions to request holding the order for more than TWO weeks. For example, the tank is not yet ready, personal issues, etc. we will consider making a 1-time exception for reasonable reasons within our abilities.
Please note: Any order(s) reach the Maximum TWO weeks hold request that can not be shipped out will be canceled with a 30% restocking fee applied on whole order
Shipping Information
We ship the fish anywhere within the United States & Territories (Hawaii, Alaska, Virgin Islands, etc.), Canada via multiple shipping options. All shipping options and the shipping rate is available at checkout. Weekly Departure Days: Note: Holiday Shipping Operations maybe different, below is our default days.
    • Monday: All Shipping Services Departure Default.
    • Tuesday: All Shipping Services Departure including Canada Overnight.
    • Wednesday: All Overnight or Next Day Air services, (except Canada Overnight).
    • Saturday: Saturday arrival is On request. You would need to pay extra $20 for Saturday delivery.
    • Sunday: No departure on Sunday.

No departure on weekend. Saturday arrival is on request only for Overnight shipping class, you will need to pay the extra amount for delivery on Saturday depends on the carrier. Our customer service will contact you regarding the extra charge.

Full Shipping Guide:

Click on the shipping guide button below to learn more about

    • How to get your exact shipping cost
    • How to track your order
    • All Shipping destinations in North America include the USA, Canada, USA Territories.
Shipping Guide
Acclimate & Quarantine
Why is this important?  

Your new fish needs to adapt to the new environment gradually.The water that the fish is packed in has different temperature and water parameters than the new environment. Goldfish are extremely sensitive to even minor changes in these parameters, so proper acclimation is the key to ensuring better health for your new goldfish.

  Before the fish arrive
  • Make sure your tank or quarantine tank is set up at least 48 hours ahead with aged water.
  • Setting up a separated quarantine tank is highly recommended.
  • Testing the tank’s water condition especially temperature.
  Floating Method (Checklist)

Additional Attention for Acclimate new fish during wintertime: * Please put the open box ( leave the fish bag inside ) into the room for your new fish to get used to the room temperature for 2 hours then follow acclimate checklist below *

  • Turn off aquarium lights or switch to dimmed mode. Never open the box in bright light.
  • Float the sealed bag in the aquarium for 15-25 minutes. You should not be opening the bag at this step. This will allow the water to adjust slowly to the temperature of the tank.
  • Open the bag (DO NOT release water inside the shipping bag directly into your tank water) after floating, check the temperature of the water inside the bag and your tank’s water. Make sure the maximum difference is 3 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Slowly add tank water to the shipping bag. We recommend using a small cup, adding slowly every 4 minutes until the shipping bag is full or almost full of water.
  • Adding a few drops of SeaChem Prime (optional) is recommended to make sure the ammonia level in the bag is under control. Float the bag for an additional 5 minutes.
  • Slowly take the fish out of the bag and place into the tank by hands, remove the shipping bag (DO NOT release water inside the shipping bag directly into your tank water)
Placing Order Guide
Before shipping to you, when we receive your order, we will start:
    1. Processing: We receive your order, it is paid. We will start process your order to the next step.
    2. Picked: Picking the fish into a pre-shipping tank for fasting the fish for at least 2 days. It is to empty their stomach for safety in transit. We will contact you if there is an issue with your order.
    3. Shipping Date and Arrival Date will be set on your order to follow our weekly ship days schedule.
    4. Create Account & Earn Cocopoints: We highly suggest you to create an account on our website to purchase in order to:
      • Earn Cocopoints reward, 8%-10% cashback on your purchase.
      • Easy tracking and view your order history
      • Faster checkout, you can save your Billing & Shipping information so you don't need to re-type when making a purchase.
You will be notified via email and text SMS when there is any update of your order.
Add To Existing Order

How can you add more fish to an existing order?

  1. At checkout step, you select Add To Existing Order as shipping method.
  2. Fill out the checkout form normally with your information.
  3. Provide the original order number (the previous order number that you just placed). Make sure your original order is not shipped yet.
  4. Pay and finish your check-out process.

What is "Add to Existing Order"?

  • This is a feature developed by Goldfish Island to provide the flexibility needed when you shop for fish. Since our fish are posted through out the week, customers can always make initial order and make additional orders as you see other fish that you like.
  • The number of orders you can add is unlimited and you don't have to pay another shipping fee.
  • There will be a small amount of fee incremental per fish, for the extra shipping weigh and packaging adding to the whole shipment.
  • If an additional order is created 48 hours prior to the original ship date, we will have to Delay The Departure of the entire order.
ATTENTION: "Add to Existing Order" is considered to be invalid if you cannot provide your existing order number. In case you place the order without the VALID original order number, we will cancel the order and charge a 15% restocking fee on the fish.


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