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Featuring in this listing is a 3.5-4 inches Calico Butterfly. It is cute!!!
The fish is active in terms of healthiness. This Butterfly has a deep body shape. In specific, this Butterfly has a beautiful butterfly shape of the tail. The calico color is outstanding.
We were unable to confirm the gender of this fish since it is too young. By the size, we consider this as a small fish.

  • It has completed our imported-quarantine procedure and performed health/swim check before listing online. Also, we provide swim video of all our fishes, it is attached in this listing down below.
  • The last health check was on 2021-01-25.
  • We performed standard health/swim check before listing and also before the departure that includes swim check and external check.
  • Internal parasite prevention is weekly by feeding our home-made medicated gel foods.
  • The ideal water condition for this fish are temperature in range of 72-78 F. degree, warmer during quarantine 82-85. PH around 7.0, in range of 6.8-7.5 is the best. Others parameters such Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrite, etc. should be checked frequently by the owner to make sure the fish is living in a good environment.

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