Crown Pearlscales Red White 3.5-4 inches Male 0403CP00RW354TB5M2


Important: Crown Pearlscales are the hardest type of goldfish to keep well. They are very sensitive to any change ( Temp, water parameters, food… ) ; We DON’T cover this type under our 7-day live Guarantee. 

  • It has completed our imported-quarantine procedure and performed a health/swim checks before listing online. Also, we provide swim
  • We performed standard health/swim checks before listing and also before the departure that includes swim checks and external checks.
  • Internal parasite prevention is weekly by feeding our home-made medicated gel foods.
  • The buyer/keeper should provide the ideal water condition to keep the fish healthy, temperature in range of 72-78 F. degree, warmer during quarantine 82-85. PH around 7.0, in range of 6.8-7.5 is the best. Others parameters such as Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrite, etc. should be checked frequently by the owner to make sure the fish is living in a good environment.

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