Butterfly AAA Grade Red 6.5-7 inches Female 0519BUHQR657TF4F1

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Just Stunning FYERRR SOLID RED! That tail and the solid REDDD OMG.

Featuring in this listing is a 6.5-7 inches Red Butterfly.
The fish is healthy in term of healthiness. It has a stocky body shape, well, it is very standard for our AAA grade. In specific, this Butterfly has a wide-open butterfly shape of the tail. AND, the curve at the end of the tail, that makes it special. Definitely top of the league in tail shape here. It has an amazing solid red full body as well. It was kept in our Show ceramic pond at our retail shop. But ugh, due to the pandemic and low in stock, we let it go to you, the lucky owner.

It is a Female fish. By the size, we consider this as a large fish.

It has completed our imported quarantine procedure and health check when photographing before listing online.
The last health check was on 2020-05-19. We performed standard health check before listing, and before departure that includes swimming check, external check. Internal parasite prevention is weekly by feeding our homemade medicated gel foods.

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