2019 Holiday Shipping Details

Information on specific time of the year

Effective Nov 18th, 2019 – Jan 5th, 2020


It is the most beautiful time of the year, and it is the busiest shipping time of the year. We want to make sure that your order and fish will arrive safe. Please read below for our Holiday Shipping Schedule.

  • USPS Delivery Option will be suspended.
  • FedEx, UPS Shipping Suspended Days:
    • Thursday 11/28/19 – Sunday, 12/01/19
    • Thursday, 12/19/19 – Sunday, 01/05/20
  • Air Cargo Shipping Suspended Days:
    • Thursday 11/28/19 – Sunday, 12/01/19

Our Shipping Suggestion: During this Holiday time, million of packages are delivered including your goldfish. Please make sure you choose the best shipping option to make your fish most convenient during transportation.

The best option we suggest are Air Cargo and FedEx Overnight.

For Air Cargo, your fish won’t have to go on the delivery truck at all. We consider this as the best Shipping Option and our best choice for safest live fish shipping, also rate wise. We will drive the fish to the Airplane, you pick it at the Cargo facility, that is the safest and mostly available through out the Holiday.

Second option is FedEx Overnight to door delivery. However, FedEx does have suspended schedules so we follow the FedEx schedule, there are a lot of time off during December. In this Holiday season, there is a higher chance that FedEx may have issue, but you are always protected by our Live Arrival Guarantee Policy.

Read more about Why Air Cargo Is The Best for Live Animals in our terms & policy

Weekly New Fish Upload

Information on new fishes


2019 Holiday Uploads Follows Our Regular Weekly Upload Below

  • Tuesday: 9 PM EST
  • Friday: 9 PM EST
  • Random time over the weekend (Saturday, Sunday)

We always announce on our social media like Facebook and Instagram prior and after the posting.

Ship Days Schedule

Information on ship days

Normal Weekly Ship Days

Departure Days:

  • Monday: All Shipping Services Departure
  • Tuesday: On request except USPS
  • Wednesday: All Overnight or Next Day Air services, Air Cargo
  • Thursday: On request for Overnight, Next Day Air or Air Cargo
  • Friday: On request for FedEx Overnight and Air Cargo
  • Weekend: No departure on weekend. Saturday arrival is on request, check note below.

Track Your Package & Expected Arrival Day

  • You can track your order and delivery date by logging into My Account / Orders
  • You will receive these when your package has been departed:
    • SMS Text Message that notified your order is COMPLETED (It means shipped).
    • An email with details of your order and Tracking Number.

Canada Shipment

We are currently testing Canada shipment with FedEx Overnight. There will be an official announcement about Canada shipment and process soon. We are trying our best to make it the easiest for our Canadian customers to purchase our fishes. For now, please chat or email us for Canada Shipment instructions.


  • There may be a $10 extra charge for UPS or FedEx Saturday Delivery upon request.
  • For UPS, USPS, FedEx, you will receive tracking number on the order completion status email prior to the departure of your order. You will be notified when the package has been departed via SMS text message.

For scheduling, a specific arrival date such as Saturday arrival may incur additional costs. In this case, please contact us ASAP [email protected] or Hotline: 8573619745