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How do you ship live fishes?

We have years of expertise in shipping live aquatic pets. Our special designed box for shipping live fish is packed carefully by our shipping staff for every shipment. We also monitor the weather prior to every shipping and destination. You are protected with Live Arrival Guarantee Policy if using the shipping services listed in our Shipping Guide.

It is important for the buyer to read our Shipping Guide

Are you a transhipper, a breeder, an individual seller a company?

We are a registered Aquatic Pet Company. We are fully licensed in import and export live aquatic pet. We have a great resource of directed farm and supplier in Asia, those work directly with us, and fish breeder, experienced fish keepers in our company, in particular our dedicated fish-care team.  

We legally sell aquatic pet, dry products and aquarium accessories. We also provide aquatic pet services like aquarium, pond building, maintenance and architect, fish care, tank and filtration system consultant.

Where do you locate? Where do you ship to?

Our main store is located in Quincy, Massachusetts – United States. We do have our other retail store and facilities located in multiple place in Massachusetts.

We ship live fish within North America countries including United States, Canada, Mexico, and Central America countries with appropriate Government’s import permit to receive the fish from us.

Do you guarantee live arrival? What to do if my fish arrive dead?

Yes! This is the most important for us to sell fish online.

We have our Guarantee and Order Policy on Live Arrival Guarantee and Dead On Arrival to protect the buyer. Beside of the policy, we always make sure you are happy with your purchase. We will never leave you with a dead fish, that is not how we do business so feel safe to buy from us.

How can I buy fish from you? I am a fish time online fish buyer.

Firstly, make sure you explore our website. We have a lot of resources and guide such acclimation your new fish, quarantine, and shipping process. Most of the information for you is located under the website’s menu, under Customer Portal tab.

Secondly, ask us anything if you need help!

Can I request a specific delivered day?

Yes, you can.

When placing the order, we have an Optional Date Picker for picking delivery date. You can also leave a note on your order.

We are very flexible, please let us know ahead of time (at least 48 hours) before the ship day so we can prepare the fish accordingly.

What is the Goldfish island Membership and Benefits?

The FREE membership from us comes with handful of great things like:

  • Fish care and fish tank consultant
  • Cocopoint Reward to earn up to 10% reward of every dollar spent.
  • Get notified when there is any deal, coupon.
  • Specific deal for member
  • Discount on dry products like fish foods, medications and accessories.
  • Early notification of new inventory
  • Member will have the higher priority to reserve any fish that is ready.


How can I modify my already placed order?

The latest time to take any action on your order is 48 hours ahead of the ship day for your order.

All actions you can do is: Cancel, Refund, Add More Fish, Products, Change Fish, Change Shipping, Change Delivery Date.

Do you quarantine the fishes when importing them?

We must quarantine new imported fish even before it come to our water system.

First, we do not want to bring in any bacteria, parasites, disease into our water system. We have a dedicated quarantine facility located in Watertown, MA before transfer the quarantined fishes to our showroom in Quincy, MA.

The imported fishes go through our full quarantine procedure that built by our fish-care team with the suggestion from the staff of U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

Quarantine Procedure


We want to make sure you have an easiest buying experience

Please stay communicated with us since we all fish lover, we don’t want any unwanted things to happen to them. Email directly to or our chat for any question about your order.

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Direct phone support will be from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Est. 

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