Fish Preference Form

To let us know your preference on assorted fish, please fill out this form. We will communicate to you through Instagram message, but if you don’t have one, we will send pictures to your order’s email.

Youtube Video of How To Order Assorted Fish:

How to purchase the assorted fishes?

  1. Start placing the order for the assorted fish you want
  2. Get the Order #
  3. Feel out this Fish Preference Form to let us know your preferences for the fishes (Color, Body Shape, etc.)
  4. Provide us with your contact information such as Instagram or email. Our store manager will pick out the fishes and communicate with you (sending photo or video)
  5. If you like them all, we will ship it.
  6. There is also an option to schedule a SHOW TIME fo 15″ with the store manager

Note: If you don’t fill out the form, we will pick our best randomly.

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