Why ‘air CarGo’?

Why you might consider trying it for you nexr order?

Air cargo is the safest, fastest, and most affordable for our customers in terms of shipping live goldfish. The safety rely on the fact that the fish is always being handled by our staff to bring about best travel experience, along with Live Arrival Guaranteed adding an extra layer of protection.

It is quick and simple 😏

Most customers are intimidated about the fact that they have to pick up their fish at the airport. However, most of the time, things are as easy as going to a post office (below are some example pictures of a cargo office)

Pickup Area Of Delta Airline

Delta Cargo Office

How To use air cargo?

What You Will Need When Pick Up?

Please have these ready before the pick up:

  • Identifications (eg: Driver License, State’s ID, etc)
  • Airway Bill (a Tracking Number that will be sent to you via email pre-shipping)

Step 1:

Select “Air Cargo – Airport Pickup” During Checkout and Select Your Preferred Airport.

Step 2:

Receive the Tracking Number via email and text message.

Step 3:

Prepare the documents mentioned above ahead of the pick up time. Once arrived, you fish will be at the designated airline cargo office, waiting to be picked up 

** Please check your destination’s office hours to avoid late/delayed pick-up.

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