who we are

We are a group of fish lovers, keepers, breeders from Boston, MA. We have been operated locally in the Boston and Greater Boston in the past 30 years since 1989, founded by our founder Sheldon Yong under the name of Aqua World Aquarium. Since 2011, we have relocated to a new location in Quincy, Massachusetts which is a much larger place to operate our facility and retail store.


We aim to support the fish lover, keeper, hobbyist with the top quality live fishes, products and services. Yes, services!


Our values

We put our customer’s satisfaction on top of everything.

We want to not only provide the great quality fish but also good customer care and services.

Customer’s experience is the most important to us. If you happy, we happy.

Our fishes

We source not only the top quality goldfish but also the quality baby fishes for goldfish lovers to raise them as we all enjoy to see our goldfish growing up.

We source the fishes from our network of multiple top farms across Asia. We always make sure that we import quality goldfish in good health condition to the United States. We are fully licensed to import and export live fish in the United States and Canada.

Our farms in Asia raises the baby goldfishes in a very natural-like condition, in the tropical weather of East and Southeast Asia to give the goldfishes the most comfortable environment to grow.

We also partner with many famous fish collector in Asia to help us select just the best ones for you.

We always stand behind the quality of our fishes those are sold to the customers.

Moreover, we are here to help and guide you whenever you need as we have been through your process since day one as a fish keeper. Reach out to us if you need help!

Our store & facility

Our Physical Store is named Quincy Aquarium is located at: 60a Billings Rd, Quincy, MA 02171

Our facility and warehouses in multiple locations in Massachusetts that not just carries goldfish but many other variety of live high quality pet fishes like Reef/Salt Water, Tropical Fish, Plant, Supplies, etc.

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