Customer’s Stories 1 | May’s Journey with Gidget and Larue Butterflies

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Customers’ experiences in nurturing and taking care of fish are always valuable shares for the Goldfish Island community. Therefore, we want to start the Series of Customer’s Stories – a Blog section on our website to share a successful pet keeper’s story from the customer who bought and grew fish from GFI. It was a beautiful and respectable journey when we can see our fish grow and become more beautiful day by day. Goldfish Island is always ready to listen to valuable memories from our customers with your cute fishes.

“I really appreciate how thorough you are with the fishes! Most places don’t even examine the fish before shipping! – May”

We have already received a story from our dear customer. We have gone with May during the care process for Gidget and Larue butterflies. We have seen the small fishes grow and look stunning day by day. Let’s read with us about May’s interesting story of the journey with these adorable fishes – Gidget and Larue.


  • Lets share a little about yourself and your fish keeping experiences? Is Gidget your first goldfish?

– My name is May and I am a huge animal lover with a big interest in all types of animals. Especially for fancy goldfish. And yes Gidget is my first ever goldfish! That’s why she is so special to me.

“I made a painting of Gidget and Muffin!”
  • How long do you have Gidget? What has changed since Gidget arrival from GFI?

– I have had Gidget in my care for around 6 months! When I got Gidget she was just a tiny cute little thing that was barely 4 inches. She was half the size of the palm of my hand! I knew right when I got her she had huge potential to become big and high quality. She now has a huge rounded deep body with a huge spread out tail and very deep calico colors.

“My big girl Gidget who is approximately 7 inches in total length”
  • Do you like grooming goldfish? Why?

– Yes I absolutely love grooming goldfish! This has been a wonderful experience. I just love watching her grow to the size of my hand! 

“Gidget and Larue latest video from May”
  • What do you suggest for other keeper in grooming a Juvenile goldfish? (food/nutritions, water, environment, etc)

– Anyone who is just starting out with growing out a juvenile goldfish should always focus on water quality, the amount of space it’s getting, and a high quality balanced diet. I recommend having tons of filtration to be constantly keeping the water levels to be as perfect as possible and doing regular water changes (ranging from 3-7 days apart). High in protein foods will definitely give you the fastest growth. I feed my two goldfish (Gidget and Larue) peas, Rapashy Super Gold gel food, frozen blood worms, broccoli, spinach, pellets, and frozen brine shrimp.  

“I turn off their lights at 6:30. I also am always keeping up with water changes no matter how busy I get and the water levels are always neutral. – May”

  • How helpful is the fish-care team of GFI since we first talked?

– The GFI team has been amazing! You can really tell everyone on the team is an expert fish keeper. They often reply incredibly fast and are always there to help their customers. 

“Larue is having the biggest growth spurt, right now I’m so excited!”

“I am giving Larue a Epsom salt bath because it did help Gidget a lot but I dilute it more for Larue – May”

“I was so excited when I got her to groom her big and pretty but I wasn’t expecting how amazing she would develop!”

Thank you!!!!! -May

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The story of May with Gidget and Laure is very wonderful and interesting. How about your story? How can you groom your lovely fishes? How do your fishes grow up every day? How can we help you to make your fishes develop naturally and healthily?… Do not hesitate to send your impressive stories to the goldfish island community. You can get attractive gifts from our store if your story is meaningful and useful for the goldfish care community.

“I absolutely love grooming goldfish! This has been a wonderful experience. I just love watching her grow to the size of my hand! – May”

***Thanks for sharing your story – Goldfish Island.***

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Let’s UPick your baby fish and start grooming yours

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