Clean fish is our commitment when selling to customers. We try our best to make sure the fish is clear of diseases, parasite, bacteria and healthy before listing them for our customers. We import to the United States thousand of stunning fishes from many Asian countries every shipment. Imported fishes have the superb look, some are very unique, and we all fall in love with them. But, we are here to make sure the fish is good outside, and also inside (intestinal).

Clean Fish Commitment – Imported fishes are not only have stunning look on the external, but we also make sure they are healthy and bacteria free before shipping them to you. That is our commitment! We take our responsibility on the fish health before and after sale; therefore, we must have a strict quarantine procedure for our imported fishes.

We have created and strictly follow our quarantine procedure. The procedure only get stricter and stricter to increase the quality of the fish and remove those are not healthy.

Our team have been testing and researching on medications and techniques to prevent and clear-off bacteria, worms, intestinal and external parasite. We have also collaborate closely with the farms where the fishes come from to make sure the fishes are healthy even before they depart. All fishes we import have the health certificate provided by the Government of the country where the fishes come from.

Buyer should aware [icon name=”info-circle” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] 

There could be sellers who may just claim about quarantine but may just store the fishes at their facility and wait for the time to past without an actual quarantine procedure. If that case, regardless of the fish’s quality, it is bad for the fishes as the unseeable bacteria, internal parasite may grow internally and spread between individuals. Unlike those seller, we make sure that we keep the fishes in the glass quarantine tank where our staff can see the fishes from different views and monitor them for 15-30 days.

Our Quarantine Procedure

Day 1 - Acclimate

Right after driving the fishes back after arrival in the United States, we let them rest in their box before start adapting the water. We will test the water in their bag and try to match our facility’s water. We slowly add our facility water into their water so they can adapt. After around 1-2 hours of adapting, as the water in their bag/box get closer to our facility’s water, we will start moving them into a bridge container. The point of this bridge container is to prevent any bacteria or parasite from entering our system. Bridge container will have our facility’s water with extra aquarium salt and seachem paraguard. They will stay in bridge container for around 15 minutes before transfer into their quarantine tank/pond. Eventually, they will be transferred into quarantine tank/pond where they will stay for the next 15-30 days.

Day 2 to 5 -Recovery

From day 2 to 5, we will closely monitor to see the condition of the fishes. At this point, this fishes are still acclimate to the new environment. Many fishes come from different places get used to their environment, so the environment parameters are all differences. It is based on where are the fishes come from. Therefore, we always work closely to the farm and our partners to make sure all parameters are right. For example, Thai Goldfishes are from Thailand, a Southeast Asian country, the weather in there is always around 90 degree all year long. Thai Goldfishes are used to the warm water around 80-86 Degree. Unlike Chinese Goldfishes, they are used to colder weather since China has different seasons just like the United States. Chinese goldfishes are used to the cold water of under 70 Degree. And more than just temperature, there is also PH differences as well. Therefore, we want to make sure we acclimate them and let them recover in the best condition that they are used to. The sudden changes in environment is dangerous for the fish, acclimate them wrong may cause many disease like fungus, ich, scale infections.

Day 6 to 12 - Parasite Treatment

As mentioned, human eyes can’t see parasite, intestinal parasite, bacteria, or thing that happens inside the fish even if the fish may have the healthy look. It is always good to prevent by treating it first.

Treat Water

  • Extra Saltily Water
  • SeaChem Paraguard
  • Kordon Methylene Blue
  • Metronidazole (Purify 99% Powder)
  • Hikari PraziPro

Medicated Foods

  • New Life Spectrum Hex Shield – Buy It Now
  • Homemade Medicated Gel Foods
  • Pre-soak Pellet Hikari Foods mixes with medication such as (Kanaplex, Metroplex, Metronidazole)

We do have pre-selected combomix for you to do quarantine as well. Buy It Now

Day 13 to 21 - Healthy Feed & Medicated Bath

During the days from 13 to 21, the fish should be in a stable condition when it can eat and starving for good foods. We started making homemade gel foods for them with a weekly nutrition includes Fiber, Protein and Medication. We also will have our homemade Gel foods and medicated Gel foods available for you soon [icon name=”smile-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””].

We also take a batch of fishes out in a big container for medication and salt bath. Medication and salt bath is around 15-45 minutes time frame depends on the ratio we have in the water. Extra salinity with general cure medications in water around 80-83 degree.


We are here to make sure your fishes are coming healthy and staying healthy with you. Therefore, our team has researched and pre-selected good fish-care products for you to have as a combomix. We also provide instruction in each combomix, and you will also save money when buying as a combomix.

We are here to help, ask us for consultant below!

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